Why isn't your company on LinkedIn?
4 years ago
More than 300 million users worldwide. 2 million professionals from various industries in Poland. LinkedIn is a business potential among social network sites. If your company isn't there yet, you should know what you're missing!
LinkedIn is a website focusing primarily on business relationships. It's the perfect place to build brand image, gain valuable contacts or promote business in a professional environment.
  • LinkedIn campaigns are aimed at specific professionals and users looking for particular content and business contacts
  • The number of advertising messages here is limited, so they turn out to be much more effective than other social network sites
  • Ads reach specific target groups, because LinkedIn offers a lot of possibilities for targeting
  • LinkedIn users are usually skilled professionals in their branches. They have both: the purchasing and business potential
  • LinkedIn is well-known for its high level of reliability. Content that is published is perceived as 'more serious' than other social network sites

LinkedIn features

This is not a typical social network. It can not be lumped together with Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn creates a community of people looking for work, contacts and valuable content, most often associated with the industry in which they operate professionally. Here, you don't expect entertainment but possibilities for extending business relationships, expanding your knowledge or reading latest industry information and so on.

Action plan

LinkedIn community comprises demanding users that's why all messages addressed to them should be well-planned and developed. In this case, it is necessary to solidly prepare communication strategy, taking into account:
  • Business objectives the company wants to achieve using LinkedIn
  • Target group, which is important for business reasons. Thanks to it, you will align the content with expectations of individual users and increase the conversion of published ads
  • Content publishing plan, that is the detailed schedule which takes into account hours, days or even weeks of putting information on the site. At this stage one should consider the use of different content distribution tools to enrich communication with the users (eg. Infographics, short presentations, videos)
  • Visual identification, affecting the recognition of the content published by your company. Designing graphic materials, transparency and the overall visual appeal should be focused on.

Company Page on LinkedIn

Each company on LinkedIn has Company Page, or corporate website, which is the flagship of the website. This is where all the important information about the company are and where news are regularly published.

Setting up Company Page on LinkedIn is not difficult, but it is worth to spend some time on it. First of all, make sure that all the important information and the required graphics are here (especially company's logo). For companies operating in different countries it will also be important to select the appropriate language in which marketing messages will be prepared. Company Page is free.

Engage your employees

Certainly, most professionals in your company have their own account on LinkedIn. Take advantage of this potential and engage them in promoting your business. Invite them to complete private profiles with the name of the company, which is consistent with the Company Page.

Employees may share company's news with their contacts, comment on entries on LinkedIn or take part in discussions. In this free and natural way you will increase popularity of your company's website.

Paid promotion opportunities on LinkedIn

All forms of advertising used on LinkedIn are very subtle and moderate, but because of this their effectiveness is much better than on other social network sites. In addition, it is one of the best services in terms of targeting messages. Except standard forms associated even with demographic indicators, you can target in terms of keywords from the profile, number of contacts, name of a specific position, branch etc.
  • LinkedIn Ads is a typical text ad, which allows to reach the target group. Preparing this type of advertising is very simple, and at the same time it is a great way to promote the brand and the Company Page.
  • One of the advertising forms on LinkedIn are Sponsored updates. Updates published on Company Page can be further promoted. They will show up not only to the observers of the brand, but also the target group. This type of advertising is accounted for at an auction system. Advertisers declare the budget for promotion on LinkedIn. Payment is made in the CPC or CPM system.
  • InMail is also often used on LinkedIn. It is a great way to attract new leads. With a private message you can reach the inboxes of people with whom you could not make any contact so far.

What else is important?

To further promote your Company Page you can install widgets on your company's website and add to email signatures an image with a hyperlink to the profile on LinkedIn.
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