Why does your online shop need great content?
3 years ago
High-quality content is important on any website, not only is it beneficial for visitors but also it is one of the main aspects of successful SEO. It is also valid for sites that specialise in selling products, therefore online shops.
Google - the most popular search engine, puts the emphasis on good and original content. In 2001, Google released Panda - a change to its search results ranking algorithm which aims to raise the rank of sites that contain high-quality content.

In consequence, Google started to reward big, professional websites with highly developed content which then gained good positions in search results. However, also smaller sites e.g. company’s websites with less developed but also high-quality content were not aggrieved. Thanks to the change in algorithms introduced a few years later, small companies can also achieve good search results ranking.
Great content on a website is the crucial element of success in Google search engine. Is it also true for online shops?
Of course! Great content on a website is a crucial element of any online shop SEO.

In online shops, the descriptive texts do not have more than 200-300 words, which sometimes can turn out to be not enough. Instead, it is recommend creating rather more extensive description, if each product in your online shop has its own sub-tab, it should have its own unique description. Of course, it is quite time consuming and frequently expensive, but it can effectively contribute to boosting your Google search ranking.

Copying the product descriptions from other website is the biggest mistake you can make. Content which appears on many websites may cause that Google’s algorithms will not take it into account at all or consider unoriginal. What is more, such site may be found to be unhelpful for visitor which can result in a bad position in Google search ranking.
Online stores which contain valuable content are able to differentiate themselves from competition and boost their Google search rankings.
What if there are dozens of products on a website? Is it necessary to create a unique description for each of them? You may think it is impossible, but…

In this case, you must find a solution that will be both feasible and minimize the consequences of the so-called duplicate content.

Duplicate content refers to the same or very similar content within one or more domains.

One of the most frequently practices used by large websites that sell goods is engaging users in content creation. How to do it?

All you have to do is to allow your customers to post comments and reviews. In exchange for interesting reviews, you offer them rewards and discounts. It is a great way to gain original content on the website and build customer’s engagement.

Nevertheless, quantity is not the only thing that matters. Google puts very big emphasis on the sites’ content. Although, great content helps to achieve a good position in the results of search engines, it should not be created for algorithms but for users. Texts that contain too many key words or hide from users texts with many repeated key phrases ceased to be successful a long time ago. What is more, such activities may have effects quite different from those that had been anticipated.

In summary, great content on a website may result in successful SEO. If you are in the process of setting up an online store, you should pay particular attention to attractive content, helpful functionalities and original and useful descriptions that will intrigue customers and persuade them to purchase your products. Should you need professional help, contact us!
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