What to remember when creating a website?
4 years ago
When designing a website you should take into consideration many important aspects, connected e.g. with users habits. Find out what you should keep in mind when designing a professional business page.

You will find out:

  • What do internet users like and what they don't accept?
  • What do people search for on your website?
  • What to do to make your website user-friendly?
When designing company's website you should consider the habits of Internet users connected with web browsing and reading content on the net. This way you can develop a website that will be user-friendly, that is to your potential customers.

The faster, the better

Potential surfer is browsing a lot of websites every day. Seeking necessary information online, a few seconds are enough to assess the pages he's finding. Therefore, your site must be prepared in such a way that the user quickly reaches the content that he's most interested in.

Without unnecessary complications

Internet users are very reluctant to learn new things. If you create a complex, innovative service, you will need to develop the manual to use it. Unfortunately, some visitors may leave the website after first difficulties. It is better to use typical patterns to which users are accustomed and which guarantee simple usage without unnecessary thinking.

Intuitive service structure

After encountering any problems on the site, users are looking for most well-known and satisfactory solutions. If there are any obstacles, eg. with filling out the form, they are checking other possibilities to obtain a satisfactory result. That's why it's important to create most intuitive structure of the site but also predict potential difficulties.

Content easy to view (not read)

Monitors of computers, smartphones or tablets are of no help when reading for a few hours, that's why users only browse, scan the content on the websites. The longer the text, the less likely that someone will read it to the very end.
This is why, creating content for the website should be like inverted pyramid - the most important, yet most interesting matters should be at the beginning of the text, then the detailed description of a problem.
During the first visit on the site, users often do not read the content of subsites. Their actions are based on the search for fragments, most interesting headlines and leads.

Navigation and search

Users can be divided into two groups:
  • surfers looking for information via search system
  • users seeking information through individual web browsing
For those seeking information through search system search engine turns out to be most effective which is visibly placed on the page. Of course the easier they are to find, the more useful and more likely they will be used. As it turns out, very few surfers use the advanced search options.
For surfers seeking information by reviewing, the most important thing is intuitive and well-organised navigation. What does it mean?
  • The most important information should be enlarged and highlighted.
  • In the page layout, things that are consistent or complementary should be tied together
  • Superordinate information should be clearly distinguished from the subordinate.

What else is important?

  • Users visiting our website often seek clickable elements. Take care of the hierarchy and structure of the links.
  • In web design, well-known standards and conventions to which users are used to are very important. Design a page in accordance with generally accepted principles without using unnecessary, too creative solutions that can complicate the service.
  • When designing a website, the superordinate benchmark should be user, his behaviour and habits.
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