What makes a good logo?
3 years ago
A company’s logo is often the first thing that catches the eye of a potential customer. There are always two opposite ways of getting out from this situation: either a logo will draw the attention or it will be completely ignored or even unnoticed. No wonder a professional logo is what successful companies seek and appreciate. However, what qualities actually cause that some logos still evoke admiration, whereas others remain completely unnoticed?
There is a popular English saying that goes “people judge a book by its cover”. Similarly, the assessment of the product is frequently made very fast, within the first 5 seconds. And as it turns out, a logo, which is a visual representation of any company, brand or product, plays a huge role in this short moment. It determines whether a potential customer will be impressed at first sight or will pass by it indifferently. 
What characteristics should a professional logo have so that it would be easily noticed, remembered and always associated with your company?


A logo which has too many visual elements may turn out to be too complicated to absorb, and consequently too difficult to remember. The limitation of possible shapes, lines and other elements to the necessary minimum will allow you to create a transparent, clear and suggestive logo.


An effective logo must be easy to remember. You are probably wondering how to achieve this? The answer is: create an inventive, evocative, transparent, clear and eye-catching design.


Whether your logo will last a long time is probably the hardest aspect to predict while designing your corporate symbol. Nevertheless, timelessness is one of the features that characterises all the best logos ever created. So, you should ask yourself if your logo will be as much efficient in 10, 20 or even 50 years as it is now and whether it will attract new customers despite of the constantly changing trends. Moreover, you should consider whether it will remain clear and comprehensible, and finally, whether it will represent your company in a good way.

If your logo is the embodiment of an entire company and tells a story about the quality and character of the product, it will certainly last for ages.


A versatile logo works good across a variety of mediums and applications, it is functional and can be easily scaled to any size. A good logo should look good both in horizontal and vertical formats, online and offline, in black and white and in the full range of colours.


This is pretty obvious - a logo must represent your company and at the same time, it must aim to reach out to the specific target group. Therefore, while designing a logo, you should pay attention to the elements which are specific for particular industry and apply fonts, symbols and even colour schemes which are appropriate for your brand and customers.


A well-designed logo should be based on the original idea. It should have a unique element, characteristic for the particular industry or company. Something that adds value for an organization, brand or product. Sometimes simple symbols, circles or arrows put together in a completely unusual and inimitable way, can result in an absolutely unique design. Creative concepts often reveal themselves in very simple solutions.
A professional logo is the basis for visual identification of any brand. Contact us to find out whether your company logo is efficient enough to attract the attention of customers.
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