What is content marketing?
4 years ago
Content marketing is offering what an internet user needs - knowledge, advice, entertainment. Only when the basic needs are met, you can convert him to becoming your client. Content marketing is an investment that will bring the expected benefits over time.
Internet content has the power to build engagement, scope and brand. And this has a direct impact on increasing company's revenue. And after all, this is what it's all about! No matter what you do. If you want to meet the expectations of today's users, you have to decide on a good content.

But let's start from the beginning ...

In the era of mobile Internet we do not go out without a cell phone. On the way to work, school, a meeting we're browsing websites, social networking sites or google. We are online all the time and greedily pick up uncountable amount of content. The problem is that some of them are stuck in the throat, hard to swallow, easier to spit than digest. The goal of any business should be to create such content that will be easy to digest by users so that at the end this delicate feeling of fulness remains.

Internet users are used to picking up images and short texts. Texts created for the Internet must be effective. What does it mean? First of all, that you should reach them as soon as possible, and most often it happens thanks to Google. They should also be useful, and thus meet all your needs. Most often (and unfortunately), this involves ignoring the aesthetic function of language - it is too demanding and forces to further engagement and that's what surfers don't like. What matters most is utility, that is offering readers what they exactly need, and attractiveness to gain their interest.

Two main places where content is king

Before internet users reach your website, they will need to break through the wild and lush forest called Google search. This place is governed by the law of the jungle, which, however, with a bit of knowledge and skills can be effectively curbed. To achieve a high ranking in the browser it is not enough to focus on SEO. Now, when wild animals called Panda and Penguin (Google's algorithms) prowl around the jungle, without good contents that are set up in accordance with webwriting principles, there's no need to hunt.

When the user finally hits the right path, goes through many Google search results and will reach your website, he will expect a reward for his efforts in the form of a good content. The company's website is the main tool for creating the image of the company, and simultaneously the place where one should get interested, engaged, curious. And this can be accomplished with good content.

What are you going to achieve thanks to good content?

As already mentioned, content marketing is a long-term investment. With an effective content you can achieve a number of key development objectives for your business:
  • win over new customers
  • increase income or sales
  • create brand awareness and credibility
  • build a trusted and loyal group of brand receiver (i.e. customers)
  • expand brand's scope
  • educating current and future customers

What tools are used by content marketing?

Content marketing is a multitude of different tools and ways of distributing content. Except being interesting, they should also be conveyed to the users via appropriate channels. Here are the most important content marketing tools that you may find useful during promotion of the company on the web:
  • websites
  • social media
  • blogs
  • articles
  • newsletters
  • cases
  • guides and reports (white papers)
  • Webinars and Webcasts
  • eMagazines
  • video
  • microsites
  • podcasts
  • ebooks
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