What is a Landing Page and why should you use it?
3 years ago
Landing Page is the webpage where people end up after they click your ad, sponsored link in Google Adwords, banner ad or newsletter. Although Landing Page plays a significant role in online campaigns, its structure is usually very simple.
Landing Pages are significantly different from other sites on the web. The main distinction is that they are set up in order to achieve one, specific goal of an advertiser.

Your business goal is the most important

Landing Pages are created as separate websites. Typically they are not in any way related to the company’s site. As a result, Landing Pages are a great way to focus the entire attention of visitors at one specific action - conversion.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two basic types of Landing Pages:
  • Click through Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture Landing Pages

Click through Landing

Click Through Landing Pages do exactly what their name suggests, they have a goal of convincing visitors to click through to another page and lead to another place on the web. Typically, they are used in e-commerce. They sole purpose is to interest visitors in products or offer and take them to the website where they will use the service or close a deal.

When it comes to Click Through Landing Pages, it is very important to provide on the website information that will satisfy visitors. Therefore, a Landing Page must be compatible with the overall concept of a campaign.

Lead Capture Landing Page

Lead Capute Landing Pages are created in order to gather personal data from visitors, usually their names, e-mail address and phone numbers. The sole purpose of Lead Capture Landing Page is to obtain information will be put into a data base and then used in further business operations.

When you are creating a contact form on the Landing Page, you should focus on the smallest amount of important data which can be obtained from a vistor. You don’t have to ask for a phone number if you have the intention to contact with them only via e-mails. Too long entry forms are usually ineffective and do not result in the conversion.

It is very important to provide a clear and attractive description of benefits that visitors will get for revealing their personal data, e.g. customized offer, coupon, discount in the online shop.

What else is important?

Landing Page should have a simple form and focus on only one, clear goal. Other elements which play very important role include Call-to-Action: phrases convincing to take a specific action, such as: “fill in the form” or “buy now”.

The layout of Landing Page should be both simple, attractive and adjusted to the target group. Similarly, you should make sure that the content on your website is short, brief but presented in the language that uses the value selling technique.
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