The art of link building and website ranking
3 years ago
The position of your website in Google search ranking is determined by many factors, one of them are external links which automatically direct users to your website. Creating SEO strategy, it’s worthwhile to build relationships with other sites, including social media which will later help you to promote your own page.
The position in Google search ranking depends on what you do directly on the site (optimization) as well as various activities outside the website (positioning). Let’s have a closer look at the latter issue, directly related to the link building.

What are incoming links?

Incoming (also known as backlinks or inbound links) are basically links placed on the other web pages, when users click on the link, it directs them to your site. The more incoming links, the better. Thanks to them, your website is considered to be high-quality and obtains a good position in Google search ranking.

Undoubtedly, link building is very important element in the process of ranking the position of your website. However, it should be noted here that it’s the good quality of links not the amount of them which matters. Some time ago, positioning was focused on getting as many incoming links as possible. There were even bases specifically created for putting links on them. However, those activities were completely artificial and aimed at unnatural manipulation of search engine results. Nowadays, such practices make a loss before even making a profit. When you are not attempting to rank your website in a Google-friendly way, your site automatically becomes low-quality and in consequence, it loses its position in the ranking.

How to get links?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the undeniable fact that valuable links from high-ranked websites are still an excellent way of promoting your page in the search engine. Therefore, one of the best solution which may be really helpful in obtaining valuable links is content marketing. The more interesting content on a website, the more users will be sharing a link to it. It’s very important to understand your potential customers, their needs and interests and then focus on them.

Positioning and social media

Social media sites are relatively inexpensive (or free) way to reach a large group of your potential customers. If the content published by you in various social media is attractive, users will be willing to share the link to your page with others. The presence of a company in social media is a good way to reach a wide audience, build commitment, encourage interaction and promote your business.

In summary

Thoughtful activities concerning positioning are excellent way to improve your site’s search results. For optimum results, you need to create a high-value content. Therefore, only valuable information will help you to attract visitors who then will share it online with others, e.g. on social media.
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