Slogan, that is how to promise effectively
5 years ago
Slogan is a short text, a sentence, a word, sometimes even a single word. It expresses ideas with which a brand identifies itself showing its uniqueness. It helps to enter the market, often is an impulse to identifying consumers with the brand.
Slogan has two basic functions:
  • it is used as a complement to company's logo. It provides information about the specifics of your company or brand
    it is identified with the product or service in order to create positive associations 
A good slogan intrigues potential customers, draws their attention to the product or company, and ultimately encourages to buy it. Because it has such an important mission to complete, at the stage of creating the concept of a slogan, you need to consider several elements:
  • target group
  • characteristics of competition
  • characteristics of the market
  • plans for development of the brand
Nowadays, most attractive slogans relate primarily to emotions, attract attention and are easy to remember.

Qualities of an effective slogan

Slogan must be strong, remembered for a long time, and hence - effective! The target is set and now how to achieve it:

Each company or product is different. Slogan should also be unique. It is worth knowing the characteristics of the market and think about what message and what words are most appealling to your target group.
  • Slogan must be clear, concise and short. It should relate to emotions because this kind of messages most often appeal to recipients.
  • The use of rhymes and humor makes it easy to remember slogans.
  • Slogan should be a tempting promise kept by the brand.
  • Slogan is effective if a customer can see and hear it. So try to use them in all possible types of media that you use in promotion.

How to create a good slogan? 

Here's our advice on how to quickly reach good ideas:
  • First, specify the goals you want to achieve
  • Create a list of ideas (as long as possible)
  • Now select 20 most interesting options
  • Check which slogans are easiest to pronounce and remember
  • Put away working on the slogan for a couple of days, then return to it in order to look at the problem with a certain distance
  • Show your suggestions to others and ask them for their opinion
I come from France but I’ve lived in Poland for a year. I take care of the development of Polish companies on French market. I thoroughly explore the Polish language.
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