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3 years ago
SEO process must always be adjusted to the target market of a company. Below, you will find out what you should change in your company’s website when you decide to expand into foreign markets.
Optimizing your website to the target market allows you to reach various customers, including those who live in foreign countries. However, there are several aspects, such as: location, language or targeting your activities at the specific market which should be particularly taken into consideration when you decide to start to head into foreign markets.


First of all, the essential issue is to make sure that the content on your website is provided in the native language of your potential customers. For optimum results, it’s worthwhile to create multiple versions of your website for each separate language. But… Why is it so important?

Imagine that you run a company in England but at some point of your career, you decide to expand your business operations to different countries. Of course, the easiest possible option is to set up a website which displays in the English language, e.g and if it’s needed, it quickly changes the language, e.g. Polish. For a user, changing the language of a website doesn’t require more than choosing the selected language by clicking on the appropriate button. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be more complicated when it comes to search engines.

Therefore, the most effective solution is to create a separate version of your website for each language you want to provide for your customers. For example, the English version of a website should have its English URL, for the Polish - and French www.companyname/fr/offre.

Do not mix languages on a website!

One of the most serious mistakes you cannot allow yourself to make is mixing different languages on the same web page. If one part of the website’s content is written in Polish, while the rest of it is provided in English, Google won’t be able to identify a one specific language of your site which later can result in a bad position in Google search ranking.

Rely on professional translators

Of course, there are many machine translators on the web but if you want to have a professional website which evokes a positive image in the minds of your foreign clients, you should rely on a professional translator who will do it properly.

Why is the accuracy of the website’s content so important? The answer is easy, a content generated via automatic tools is ranked by Google as very low value or even may be considered as spam. Alternatively, a well-translated content will be appreciated by both users and search engines.

Use tags in different languages

If you already have profesionally translated content, you should make sure that the text displays for the right users. Let’s say you have a website in Polish and French versions. Therefore, you must make sure that the Polish version displays for Polish users, whereas the French one is displayed for French people. While optimizing your website, you can help search engines to recognize the specific version of your website by adding annotations. Tags lead to the particular language which cause that your website will be displaying by users in the appropriate countries.

What else is important?

What is more, apart from language issues, you should also consider other aspects which differ from country to county. One of those aspects is price. The amount of money a customer pays for your service or products must be presented in the currency used in the country of your client. Some differences can also occur in terms of measurement systems: metric or Anglo-Saxon. Moreover, you should also take into consideration whether customers will be buying in kilograms or pounds.
You must be aware that users can expect from you such details as a local address of a company or a national phone number. What is more, even the working hours of a company must be presented in a way which is compatible to the time zone of a customer’s country. Those details are crucial elements in the process of building a positive attitude towards your website in people from different countries. Those details will also be very useful for Google search engines which automatically match the content of a website to the particular country. 


A website’s domain can lead the search engine to the appropriate country. Why a website displays for a user in a specific country depends on top-level domain extensions. In Poland, your domain name could be, in France -
What if you decided to use a generic domain for example “com”?. In that situation, search engines will use other information, e.g. server address, address IP, subdomains etc. If you want to increase your website position in foreign search engines, you can use special tools to target content at specific countries available in Google Search Console.

In summary

Undoubtedly, a good SEO plan will allow you to effectively increase your website’s Google visibility in search engines in different countries.If you want to achieve success in this field, you should particularly pay attention to such aspects as language, localization and targeting your website at the specific country.
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