Online marketing in promoting local companies
4 years ago
On the internet we are very often looking for information about local businesses, services, shops, restaurants etc. Unfortunately, local businessmen do not appreciate the potential of network ignoring useful tools of e-marketing and, hence, losing the chance to reach their customers.

You will find out:

  • Why online promotion is important for companies operating locally?
  • What are the most important tools for effective promotion on the local market?
If you run a business on a limited area, e.g. cafés next to the main square, stationary store with healthy food, massage salon etc., your marketing actions should focus on customers from this area. What kind of tools can you use to reach them effectively?

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows the publication of an advertisement only for the selected area. So, if you have a garage in Kielce, you can restrict the publication of the advertisement only to that city.
If you want to reach local customers only, you should point out in the ad that the company is located in a particular city. This is one of the factors that can increase click-throughs. It is also recommended to prepare at least two kinds of advertisements: one with the information about the specific location, the other without. You can easily find out which option is more effective when it comes to your business.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is relatively rarely used while it can be a very effective form of promotion. With mobile marketing capabilities we can communicate with the customer using his exact location. Mobile applications process information about location provided by internet network connected to the device or by GPS data.
Mobile marketing is based not only on apps. Many promotional opportunities are also provided by geotargetted text messages. This allows you to send bulk messages and notifications or prepare a campaign aimed at consumers in a specific place at a specific time. It's a great way to inform customers about sales or to send them messages with discount codes.

Social Media

Social media are now a great potential for local businesses. Thanks to them, we can directly reach target group interested in the consumption of products or services in a given area.
Let's take as an example one of the most popular social networking sites in Poland - Facebook. Facebook currently runs a lot fanpages and groups connected with cities or regions. Just find them, join and take active part in them. This way you can directly reach your customers.
In addition, it's worth being interested in websites, such as Twitter and Google+. Perhaps your potential customers operate there as well. Try xperimenting also with e.g. Foursquare, Instagram or Pinterest.

What else is important?

  • When optimizing a website and developing content, do not forget to indicate the exact location of the company.
  • Prepare a business card on Google Maps, catalogs or websites of companies such as yellow pages.
  • Remember about content marketing. Create useful and consumer-friendly content and spread it around.
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