Long Scrolling in Web Design
4 years ago
With the ascent of social networks and their news feed, scrolling web pages has become a tireless habit. In addition, mobile internet boom has created a new standard of navigation. Try to remember the last time you clicked on a menu and the last time you just scrolled down a web page.

Well, who wins ?

In order to create consistency within new habits of Internet users, web designers choose to create web pages that extend lengthwise. This new trend is characterized by the separation of categories with different bands.

Moreover, in this new design, designers are attaching a huge importance to beautiful and seductive images and logo. The goal is of course to attract users. 
Another detail, the “classic” menu is now replaced by what are called “anchors”. These are internal navigation links that you can see on a web page such as “Top” or other indications for navigating on the same page - “Contact us” for example, you will surely descend directly down the page.

Good to know, on this kind of websites, the “anchors” are constantly present but become transparent not to hide the content of course.

This new trend is famous among surfers because it is visually elegant, user-friendly and intuitive.

You can actually find an example of this trend on our website www.cepixel.com
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