Logo Redesign, the time for changes
4 years ago
Logo is something that immediately distinguishes a company from others, it is an image by which a brand is recognisable on the market. As the main component of a company's corporate identity, the logo acts as the cornerstone of their visual brand. The questions is: why are companies, even the most popular ones in the global market, intent on changing or refreshing their most important symbol, in other words, why do they decide to redesign their logo?
In this year, we witnessed several cases of logo redesigns, e.g. Google came to decision to change its symbol. Although many world giants once in while decide to refresh their company’s logo, a large number of businesses are still afraid of implementing such change. These concerns mainly result from a long-term habit which makes it difficult to stand back and look at the logo in a different way, from the perspective of a potential customer.

When do most companies decide to redesign their logo?

If you are creating a new website or perhaps you are in the middle of redesigning the already existing one, but your company’s logo does not match prevailing trends in web design, it will be a great idea to think about a logo redesign.
The decision to change a logo is also recommended in the situation when a company is modifying its strategy or expanding the business. Nevertheless, a logo redesign is frequently motivated by many other reasons, e.g. the current logo is too difficult to remember, too complex or it does not look good on promotional merchandise etc.

6 signs that a company’s logo requires redesigning

1. Company is changing the name

It is fairly obvious that changing the company’s name generates an overall rebranding. This is an ideal opportunity to create a professional and refreshed logo which will help you to attract new customers.

2. Logo is vague

If you have to repeatedly clarify what the logo symbolises, it is highly probable that the meaning it aims to convey is too ambiguous. Maybe a logo is too complex, too filled, too detailed or it is totally different from the specificity of your business. If so, a logo redesign will be necessary.
3. Company is changing

Every business changes with time: it continues to grow, it increases the scope of its offer or even it merges with other companies. Perhaps your business might have been initially focused on innovation and creativity in the marketing messages. But now, after many years of existence on the market, you are more prone to rely on experience and professionalism. If your company has significantly developed and you feel that the logo does not reflect its current character, it is worth considering redesigning.
4. Logo is not professional

An unprofessional logo is evidently a disadvantage which can result in loosing many customers. Do you want to make your consumers feel that they can trust your company? How can they trust someone who at the first glance looks unprofessional? How to avoid that? Start from the basics - change the image.
A new and professionally designed logo will allow you to show your clients that your business still continues to grow and increases its standards-every day and in every respect.
5. Logo is outdated

If your logo was designed in the last century, there is high probability that its expiry date is coming. It is also worthwhile to consider whether a logo is still functional in its current form; it may need a gentle update in terms of marketing tools (website, social media) or trends.
6. Logo is not universal

A professional logo looks good in black-and-white as well as in colour version. It also looks great on company’s T-shirts, pens, mugs etc. However, if you have to perpetually graphically change your business documents because the logo does not fit to the project, you should work on it in terms of versatility and capability of the widest possible application.
This is especially significant in the case of logos which were designed when computers were not commonly used. Consider a logo redesign in order to adapt it to all online marketing channels- from your website to social networks. Your logo should look great online as well as offline.

Think twice before redesigning your logo

A logo is the symbol of your brand. The brand builds up customers' trust, who regularly use your services or buy your goods. The years of your existence on the market gave you a lot of experience and made you a successful producer. Therefore, your new logo should include brand identity and values which you have been building for years. Thanks to them a company’s corporate symbol will still be recognisable among current customers and also help you to attract new ones.
You can keep your identity by using the same colour scheme, like the font style or an application of the key elements from the previous logo. However, if you decide on a complete logo makeover, you should prepare your current customers to it; inform them about this fact on your website and let them know that this is a change for the better. By doing that, you will gradually let them to get used to a new logo and engage them in the strategic business activities.

New is always better? Well, not always

There are also cases where the changing of a logo was not the best decision. That is why, I would strongly recommend you to carefully think over this strategic decision. Some companies often seek to redesign a website at all costs, even if the current financial situation does not allow them to hire a professional graphic designer or a good agency which will guide them through the process. If one asks: “What should be your company’s logo like?”, the reply is “cheap”, trust me, it definitely will not be. If you cannot establish cooperation with an experienced, trustworthy and professional graphic designer, you had better postpone the decision of changing your logo until you find one. Or contact us :)
I’ve been specialising in branding and internet marketing for 10 years. I love details because they form a coherent whole.
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