Logo design: JUNOK
4 years ago
JUNOK is a Polish company specializing in the organization of trainings, coaching and consulting. Our task was to design a logo that reflects company's mission and interacts with the concept of the name.
At the beginning, we thoroughly looked into company's name. JUNOK is the Latin name of mythological wife of Jupiter. Juno is also a name given by NASA to one of space probes which was supposed to be an artificial satellite of Jupiter. We used this 'cosmic' context to create the logo.

Circle, on which the logo is placed, is a symbol of divinity. This form without edges represents the absolute. At the same time it refers to the shape of the plant. Many companies use round shapes because they evoke positive associations.

To choose the right colours, we analyzed preferences of the potential target group. That was the main reason for using a shade of fuchsia, but not the only one. It was also suggested by our client, the founder of the company. Fuchsia is a very feminine colour, full of energy. It has a strong impact on our senses and at the same time it catches attention. It's the colour of confident people who are not afraid of challenges and criticism.
I’ve been specialising in branding and internet marketing for 10 years. I love details because they form a coherent whole.
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