Logo design: Bizon
5 years ago
BIZON is a manufacturer of footwear accessories. It's a company specializing in creating high-quality leather products and leather care products. The main objective was to create a visual identity increasing brand recognition on the market.
We developed the main graphic concept on the basis of which logo was prepared, and in the next stage - the name of the company.
The idea for the logo comes from the combination of leather and buffalo. Why bison? In Poland, bison occurs mainly in the Podlasie region, which is also the seat of our customer. This is a protected animal. Because of its size it symbolizes strength, abundance, the power of nature which is difficult to tame. The second element is the symbol of leather, which directly refers to the business. SIMPLE operation - adding bison horns to the leather symbol helped to create a meaningful, easy to remember and universal logo.
Case study: Bison - Branding
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