Is Facebook advertising profitable?
4 years ago
Facebook works by Pay Per Click, which means that you pay for the ad only when a potential customer clicks on it. This allows you to not only perfectly plan the promotion budget but also directly reach your target group you're most interested in.

You will find out

  • Why is it worth to invest in paid advertising on the Internet?
  • Why is it worth to target?
  • When does advertising on Facebook prove to be the most effective form of promotion?
Facebook is currently the most popular social network site in Poland, although very often we hear of its imminent end. Megapanel / PBI estimates that 15.73 million of Polish Internet users are registered here. This is a very high potential, which you can use to promote your business.

You don't have to pay for everything 

Facebook has given us a completely free online tool, which can help company's image. That is of course company's website or Fan Page. Keeping the fan page itself does not involve any charges and at the same time it is a great way to promote your business. Given the number of Facebook users, there are big chances that your customers are among them.

How to have and to be?

In case of small and medium-sized companies budget for promotion is often very limited. In such situations, it is critical that for each pound you spend you get a maximum return.

Imagine that you own a catering company. The main aims of the advertising campaign are:
  • to reach customers located within the area of your business
  • to reach customers who are organizing wedding receptions, banquets, birthdays, etc.
Remember that an ad directed 'to everyone' in practice reaches 'noone'. You can not direct the marketing message "to all", so before starting a campaign, it is necessary to make an adequate market segmentation.
Facebook turns out to be a great tool for proper ad targetting, in terms of e.g. place of residence, gender, age, etc.

How to target a Facebook campaign?

Suppose that as a catering company you will focus on serving weddings organized around your area. In this case, you can direct your campaign at women aged 20-35 years who in their profile appear as persons in a relationship and live 50 km away from the seat of your company.

Then you need to prepare well the advertising content in terms of target group features as accurately as possible to get across with your message. This allows you to not only increase brand awareness, but also to attract new customers.

The intended goal of your ad

Thanks to well - targetted ad in terms of geography and demography, you can reach genuine potential customers with whom you have a chance to communicate almost daily. In case of a large number of local companies such advertising turns out to be effective because it is more focused on a specific target group, which gives tangible results and investment return.

What else is important?

  • Not only the appropriate preparation of advertising on Facebook is worth considering, but also creation of the right strategy for future communication with customers.
  • Build loyalty of your fans on Facebook. It takes time and energy, but it can bring many benefits.
  • Apart from the usual ad, it is worth to use other ways to reach out to potential customers. Organize contests, promote posts, participate in thematic groups, etc.
I come from France but I’ve lived in Poland for a year. I take care of the development of Polish companies on French market. I thoroughly explore the Polish language.
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