Instagram as an entrepreneurs' tool?
3 years ago
Instagram is said to be one of the most fastest-growing application in the world. It’s free and easy-to-use . In short, it’s a leader on the “inspirations market”. But how does it work?
If you create something what can attract people’s attention by showing them a picture, don’t wait! Set up an Instagram account, encourage users to follow your profile and prove to them that your product is an essential part of their life by uploading at least one unusual photo daily.
Furthermore, try to organise online competitions – interest people in your offer, create a strong bond with your target audience.
Want an example, don’t you? Polish branch of Reebok gave-away a pair of new style sports shoes to well-known people on Instagram. After that, the receivers shared a photo of their new trainers, tagging official Reebok's profile. Those posted pictures had been seen by thousands of people who decided to buy their own pair of shoes. The advertising compaign was a great success! Example of effective promotion based on someone else activity made a big profit.
It’s hard to succeed on Instagram without without interesting stuff. When you take a photo of your product, remember to draw attention to the hole product’s appearance, color and background. Use filters, such as Amaro or X-Pro to highlight the color depth instead of Moon, Reyes or Perpetua which are rather less effective. It’s good to know that Instagram’s filters are not always the best, thus you can create your own one. Click “edit” and select your own settings: adjust, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift, sharpen.

Remember about hashtags! #tbt #photooftheday

Nowadays hashtags are known as an everyday sign of communication. Why? Because they are almost in every social media as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, although the most frequent place is Instagram. Their task is to match picture to the appropriate category. Actually, thanks to them your post is more popular. The best way to increase number of views is to hashtag in English. You can use any language, however English is the most universal. The more hashtags, the more popular your picture is, however do not exaggerate! Optimum is 15, but the biggest companies such as McDonald's or Coca Cola use 2.
Furthermore is worth creating your own hashtags especially for an advertising campaign. Design an unique slogan which will be connected only with your promotional activity, as a result you will stand out and hopefully get new customers.
Just create an account, make a plan, as a result Instagram will be your company’s tool for an effective advertising campaign. Then add a piece of creativity and who knows, it could be the key to your success
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