How to set up an online shop?
3 years ago
Setting up an online store requires the appropriate preparations in many respects, including software, graphic design, marketing strategy etc. There are certain essentials that you need to have before you will start an online business.
It is worthile to answer a few crucial questions before designing an e-commerce site, e.g.:
  • How much can I afford to spend on the creation of the store and its promotion?
  • What kind of goods am I going to sell?
  • What makes my business stand out from the competition?
  • What is my business goal?
  • Who are my target customers?
Here are some tips on how to start in order to create a successful online store.

The cost of setting up an online shop

The budget plan should include both the creation of a website and the subsequent marketing activities. It should be stressed that setting up an online store for only its existence on the Internet is not a good or profitable idea. It is important, therefore, to inlude in your budget the costs of promoting your e-commerce business.
The process of setting up an online shop consists of several stages. Here are the key elements:
  • hosting, a domain name for an online store, the SSL certificate
  • ecommerce software
  • graphic design
  • introduction of products (copywriting, photos)
  • preparation of necessary documents and registration to the Personal Data Filling System.
  • pre-opening promotion concerning SEO and AdWords campaign
The whole budget is the sum of individual costs on every stage of setting up a store. A well-prepared plan will allow you to determine whether you will stay within the budget, which elements will require more resources or on which segments it will be possible to reduce your expenses.

What kind of goods are you going to sell?

It is worthwhile to prepare a list of all goods, which you are planning to sell in your online store, even the optional products should be taken into account. Thanks to this step, you will be able to accurately determine the brand of your shop. As a result, it will be easier for you to chose e.g. graphic design, establish your target group and determine your customers’ expectations. It is also important, especially at the initial stage, to divide products into categories and subcategories, which will serve as the basis for creating a store navigation. 

How to stand out from the competition?

Although there are still some market niches, the majority of companies have business competitors, sometimes there are a lot of business that have similar good in their offer.One thing is certain- you should never ignore them. It is a good idea to browse the websites of shops from similar industry, look through their range of products, check how they are doing, what kind of marketing activities they are using, and to what kind of customer they are reaching. These actions does not aim to cypy their operations but to look for an inspiration to create your, unique strategy.
If you are setting up an online store, you should focus not only on sales and marketing, but you also must think about how to reach customers who at the moment are bying goods from other, familiar to them e-stores. Sometimes it is not so difficult. For example, if you know that all similar online shops deliver their goods for a fee, you should inform your clients that the shipping in your store is free. However, in this situation, it is necessary to have a good idea supported by the analysis of your competition.

What is your business goal?

It is also vital to set yourself goals and deadlines when you want to achieve them. As a result, you will have the opportunity to check whether actions you have taken in the past, are turning out to be effective. If they are not, you may need to change your strategy.

Goals set by shop owners that are just starting their business on the Internet may concern both sales and image issues.

Who is going to be my client?

If the answer to the above questions is Everyone, you can say goodbye to your customers, literally everyone of them. Graphic design, products descriptions, marketing content-all of these elements must be well-matched to the specific target group.

The graphic design in a cosmetic store will be certainly different than the graphic design in a computer store. While creating product descriptions for businessmen you will focus on completely other aspects than while producing the content for teenagers. Generally, the more you narrow your target group, the easier it will be for you to meet your customers’ needs. It is not always possible, but it is worth trying because such elements have an impact on the level of conversion.

Here are some key elements that will allow you to better characterise your target group:
  • age
  • sex
  • place of residence (generally, e,g. the size of the city, region, etc.)
  • material status
  • marital status
  • children / family
  • hobby
  • ways of spending free time
  • typical problems and the ways to solve them
  • consumer buying behaviour
  • factors influencing the purchase of goods (e.g. price, product exclusivity, etc.)
The better you know your potential customers, the easier it will be for you to reach them, and consequently to encourage them the purchase your products.
If you still have doubts or questions concerning the creation of an online shop and its promotion on the Internet, please contact usWe will help you to develop your business!
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