How to prepare an effective newsletter?
5 years ago
Newsletter is nowadays one of the most important tools for communicating with the customer. The main objective of newsletters is to inform consumers about all types of offers, promotions, changes, company news, or within a certain topic.
When preparing a newsletter for your clients, you need to offer them something special, attractive, which will catch their attention and encourage to read ts contents. In this case, every detail is important: from the subject of an e-mail to an information about unsubscribing from the newsletter.
  • It's worth preparing a non-changing newsletter template and make changes only within the text. Recipients get used to and prefer to read newsletters they already know.
  • Newsletter should contain a clear information about benefits prepared for the recipient, eg. siscounts, promotion, important business information etc. He must want to receive next e-mails from you.
  • Keep tsending emails regularly, eg. 2 times a month, every two weeks, or even daily. It all depends on the message you want to share with your customers.

What to remember when creating a perfect newsletter? Here are some tips:


The key to success is a catchy headline and a few lines of appealing text. Newsletters should be short but rich in information. Too much text can discourage your recipient to read the content of the message. Remember that the most important goal of newsletters is to intrigue readers and encourage them to, e.g. click on a button directing to the landing page.


Surfers do not like reading texts without pictures that's why also your newsletter should include interesting graphics. Graphic layer must perfectly match text layout and have a perfect quality. Except attractiveness of visual layer you should also pay attention to technical issues, that is:
- right size
- appropriate format
- right settings when saving

"Call To Action"

"Call To Action" is an eye-catching element which is to call the reader to action. Usually after clicking it the user is directed to a landing page where he can find additional information (eg. about your company's new offer).

Links to social networking sites

Social network is, for many companies, the only means of regular communication with customers. So if you are there it is necessary to enter the link to your company's profile. This allows to increase the number of your fans or followers.


Contrary to what is believed, it is a very important part of any newsletter. If the recipient is interested in the e-mail you sent him, maybe he wants to get to know your business better. In the footer you need to put all your contact information - address, e-mail, phone number, etc.

The option to unsubscribe

When creating newsletters it is definitely your goal to catch readers' attention and suit their tastes. However, they must be able to unsubscribe. So you should place a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
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