How to prepare an e-mail marketing campaign?
4 years ago
The effectiveness of e-mail marketing is not always determined by the size of address database. Of course, from the point of view of cost-effectiveness, the more addresses in the database, the lower the cost of reaching each recipient. But for the recipient to click on email, the campaign needs to be professionally prepared. What do you need to remember?

You will find out:

  • Who should be the sender of the message?
  • What must be included in the subject and preheader?
  • What should be the content of the newsletter?
Professional email marketing campaign is not about automatic sending of newsletters to the largest group of recipients. It is long-lasting and effective process that is based on planning, developing strategies, personalization, and then drawing conclusions and analysis to improve next mailings. What kind of elements should you keep in mind when developing an e-mail marketing campaign?

Sender of the message 

Sender of the message is crucial for whether the recipient opens the e-mail or not. Hence, from the very beginning, you should seriously consider building your good name among customers.
There are three ways of communicating with your customers:
  • as a brand (CePixel)
  • as an individual (Monika)
  • as a combination of the brand with an individual (CePixel - Monika)
Unfortunately, there is no objective test that would comfirm which of the forms is most effective.

Subject of the message 

The second factor that determines whether the email is read or not is the subject. From the very beginning, the recipient should be intrigued, absorbed and encouraged to read the content. Topics should be created for the reader to feel special ('Be the first person to see our new product'), and the most important information at the beginning ('Discount on Christmas collections').
Another way to attract customers' attention is to use special characters, placed at the beginning or in the middle of the subject. Thanks to it, you will stand out among many other messages. These include, e.g. stars, squares, dots etc. Some good systems offer a special plate, from which you can directly paste the symbol.

Preheader of the message 

Preheader is the first sentence of a message that appears right under the subject, and it is a chance to increase click-through rates in our newsletter. The first sentence is automatically loaded in Gmail boxes, mail apps on smartphones and some of email programs installed on recipients PCs. If we ignore preheader, our customers will be given the note "If you do not see this message correctly, click here" and the spell will be broken!
Using preheader appropriately, you can greatly increase your chances of reaching out to your target group. Text appearing in preheader does not have to be visible in the main body of your email. It's enough to place a fragment of text in 1px font and in a colour of background at the very top of the message, right above the preview link. This way we do not spoil the visual experience of reading mail but simultaneously we will present ourselves better to the audience.

Creating an e-mail

When creating an email, we should take into account that the reader assesses it after 2-3 seconds . At that time, he scans and determines whether it makes sense to keep reading or not. An e-mail must be interesting to the reader and catch his attention at first sight.
You have to remember that great, colorful graphics are of no help as most email programs will block it. Therefore, it is very important that all graphic elements are replaced with text and the HTML/CSS code. Single large graphics for most spam filters, analyzing the relation of text and graphic, are identified as a regular spam.
Recipients like to feel special, so you may want to convince them with unique and attractive content. You will find useful all kinds of personalized content which inform about special events or offers such as e.g. 'Offer of the week"'or 'Discounts for regular customers only'.
In the message, two elements are essential: the header which should immediately draw attention of our recipients, and a clear call to action, that is usually a button directing to the landing page.

What else is important?

  • It is always worth conducting A/B tests offered by all professional systems for e-mail marketing.
  • It is worthwhile to personalize messages to customers. The best way is to use the name of the recipient in the content of the newsletter, or even the subject of your email. Today, many tools for e-mail marketing has a function that allows you to personalize your messages automatically.
  • In each message you can't miss footers with a visible link to remove recipient's address from the subscribers' list. Everyone must have the opportunity to easily unsubscribe from the mailing list.
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