How to increase your Facebook Fanbase?
3 years ago
Facebook has been leading is social media for years. More than 13.4 million active users means 34,8% people who have an account in the largest social network in Poland. Therefore, facebook is an excellent tool to promote products, services, attract new clients and finally gain loyal customers- your followers.
The potential of a huge group of people who scroll facebook pages on a daily basis can be used to build relations with clients you already have and to acquire new ones.

However, at this point, a very common question arises: how to gain facebook followers and persuade them to like your posts, share interesting content and comment on your page? Let’s have a look at some activities which you can apply in order to gain new fans on your Facebook page.

No likes? Start with Facebook Ads

You’ve already set up your company’s profile, prepared a cover page, a profile photo, descriptions and even written a few interesting posts. Now you’re wondering what should you do next? You may engage your employees, family and friends, however they won’t be your target group-they’re not people with who you want to build business relations. Hundreds of fans (although there’re some exceptions) can’t generate a website traffic which will allow you to actually employ more advanced sales and image-building activities.

That’s why, the initial phase is often problematic. At the start, we recommend trying paid advertising - Facebook Ads. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment, you can decide on the amount of money you want to spend on advertising and then adjust the budget to the number of likes you want to achieve on your facebook fanpage.

Facebook Ads gives you the possibility to get more fans very quickly but also it’s a tool that is very well-adapted for personalizing your target group. Not only does it increase likes on your page but also it allows you to reach your target audience.

What’s next?

The more likes you get, the more people visit your facebook page. Consequently, the more people visit your profile, the more likes, shares and comments you get- that’s exactly what you want to achieve. The fact that someone hit the like button on your page doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s worthwhile to remember that in practice 10-15% of your fans will get to see in their walls the content published by you. Therefore, you need to think in what way, you can successfully (and without any additional expenses) increase the numbers of fans on your profile, engage them and build a positive image of the company.

Create valuable content

Content in social media is a fundamental issue. Valuable content should be:
  • adjusted to the interests of your target group
  • valuable for customers
  • engaging
  • encouraging to share, comment and like
  • varied (text, images, video, infographics, guides, etc.)
  • visually appealing
  • intriguing and encouraging to take actions.

Before you start publishing content on your website, you should create a strategic plan. You need to plan what kind of language should be used in messages to your followers, what they are interested in the most and what exactly they look for online. Think about what you can offer them and how you should encourage your fans to visit your page again.

Encourage your followers to comment and reply to their comments

Hitting a like button demands little effort from a user. The situation seems different when it comes to sharing the content. However, you achieve the most when you manage to absorb users in that way that they comment, give their opinions, approval and even disapproval. In such case, you need to remember to react in a proper way in such situations by replying to a comment.

Use #hashtags

Social media users are very fond of communication based on hasgtags. Hashtags will help you to associate the brand with the product and maintain a good organization and categorization of content. By clicking on the hashtag, a user quickly finds the stream posts associated with a particular word or phrase.

Why is it worthwhile for a company to have a Facebook fanpage?

Social media network has completely different functions than a company website. It's a completely different way of online presence. A fanpage will allow you to build the company's image and good relations with your customers. Facebook is also useful for:
  • building a positive image of the company
  • giving information
  • personalization of advertising messages
  • maintaining a dialogue and engaging
  • wide possibilities of advertising
  • simple administration
  • building relations with new customers

If you have a fanpage on Facebook, but the number of likes doesn’t satisfy you, please contact us. We’ll tell you how effectively expand the range of your company and gradually gain new customers.
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