How to get addresses for newsletters?
4 years ago
The question that pervades all those who plan an active e-mail marketing campaign. And the answer is very simple - wherever possible
As it turns out, simple answers sometimes pose most problems, so we'll try to help a bit. Here are some simple ways to collect email addresses to send newsletters. 


You should start with the potential you already have. Most companies have websites that are created for the needs of brands, products, events, etc. And it is with the help of websites that you can easily get quite a big list of subscribers. In what way?

Form. It must be one of the most visible elements on the site, if you want it to fulfill its task. Here, visitors have the chance to enter their e-mail address. They should also be encouraged to fill out a form, because only the word "newsletter" turns out to be insufficient. "Be up to date", "Subscribe to the weekly newsletter", "Get a regular amount of fresh information" - in a variety of ways you can encourage your customers to be in touch with you via mailbox.

Pop-up. Pop-ups appearing immediately after entering a site may also be a good way to increase your mailing database. But it is a risky solution, so it should be wisely prepared. Overly aggressive and poorly designed pop-ups can really annoy users. On the other hand, it turns out that properly prepared ones can increase the speed of creating a customer base up to 43 times.

In the case of pop-ups it's worth preparing capping for 1, meaning that every user will see it once. They shouldn't "pop up" to the individuals who have already signed up to the list of subscribers. Do not set pop-ups in mobile versions. Users with smartphones for example may have problems with not only entering their address, but even with closing pop-up window on small screens.

Registration. Registration form is also a great way to get e-mail addresses.

Online Store account. Your client doing shopping online may be interested in promotions, special sales, discount codes that you want to send him via e-mail. Also in this case, ask him to enter e-mail address.

If you ask users to enter their e-mail address, you should offer them something in return. You should briefly describe the benefits that can be achieved after signing up for the list of subscribers (eg. access to exclusive content, promotions, discount codes, etc.) 

Social Media

Social network sites are a good (although not the most effective) way to increase your mailing database.

The most common place is of course Facebook. Fanpage has a tab which lets you create without special costs the newsletter subscription form. This is not the most effective way of extending the base, but because of the lack of costs - it's worth trying!

It's much better to collect addresses during competitions. Professional platforms for e-mail marketing have a developed API, so you can easily fasten the contest with the system of e-mail marketing. 

The real world

Time to leave the virtual world and move on to the real one. Here, too, you can effectively expand the mailing base. At various industry meetings, conferences, events it's worth having a prepared traditional form, where interested individuals will be able to enter their contact information. However, some important issues:
  • the form must contain a special consent to the processing of personal data which should be signed by the future subscriber
  • the form should be prepared in such a way that the recipient would type his e-mail address in block letters. This will help you to read it later 

Any occasion is good to get an e-mail

These methods are the most common forms of broadening mailing base but not the only ones. In fact, it depends only on your creativity how you will get addresses of your subscribers.
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