How to create headlines and Google AdWords sponsored links?
4 years ago
Google AdWords is currently the most effective form of paid advertising on the Internet. Its effectiveness depends largely on the attractively prepared headlines as well as persuasive content of sponsored links.

You will find out:

  • How to create compelling headlines and links?
  • Why are keywords so important?
  • What determines the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns?
Anyone preparing AdWords campaign, knows that preparing good content is not an easy task. What words to use? How to find them? - Such concerns often arise when creating new ads.

Find key words

Keywords are phrases or whole phrases that users most frequently use when searching for information about products or services in Google search. Selection of appropriate keywords is very important, because it is your ads that will appear after entering them. The better and more frequent search words you choose, the better the chances that potential customers will notice you. They should not only correspond to the specifics of products or services, but most of suit the interests of target group.

When you choose the right keywords, you should use them in the content of your sponsored links.
Headline: Winter Sports Shoes XXX
Content: Get a Discount coupon coupon for
Winter Sports Shoes by XXX!

Specify benefits

Once you choose the right keywords, you should consider the benefits coming from your offer. If you are a sport shoes retailer, you can offer your customers the latest model of the famous shoe brand. If you run a tire service, offer your customers exchange of wheels at special prices.
Best are text ads which expose one strongest advantage. Any attempts to describe many benefits can contribute to losing their power, and the customer won't remember what's you are best at.

Headline: Winter Tires London
Content: Would you like to change your winter tires fast and cheap?

Target group

When creating advertising campaigns, you should always keep in mind your target group. Consider:
  • how your target group calls itself?
  • what language does it speak?
  • what do they really expect from your product or service?
This way it makes it easier to specify the style in which messages should be constructed and you will much more accurately choose words that impact your audience.

Headline: Accounting Services New York
Content: What does every entrepreneur need to know
about the choice of accounting services?

What else is important?

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Phrases starting with interrogative pronouns immediately engage the audience and encourage to read on. Questions are much less likely to be ignored than ordinary declarative sentences.
  • Point to the recipients of your ad by 'you'. They will be much more interested in the message when it is addressed right to him.
  • When choosing keywords use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It is a useful tool which will help you find keyword ideas and ad groups best suited to our products or services.
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