Find out who visits your website with Google Analytics
3 years ago
Google Analytics is a functional web analytic tool, which you can use for free. It is easy to use, and with skillful and full application it can provide valuable information about corporate website and its users.
Your website can be used not only for online customer acquisition, but also to get to know them closer. Analyzing user behaviour online, obtaining demographic and geographic data, information about interests or devices used to browse the internet are just some of the possibilities, to which you can have access thanks to Google Analytics.

Tracking statistics via Google Analytics, i.a.:

  • Number of visits, number of users (including new and unique) in the chosen time period are particularly important to study and compare the preferences of visitors at various times.
  • Sources of traffic to your website. As a result, you'll find out how users enter the site, for example.
    directly after typing the URL (Direct); indirectly after clicking on the link to your website located on a different site (Refferal); when you search for information in the browser after clicking on paid link (Paid Search) or free one (Organic Search); via social news services where links to your site are placed (Social); after clicking on banner ad with a link to your site (Display)
  • How many times a page, and subpage is viewed. You can also analyze visitors flow, find out the "way" user needs to cover to reach a given sub and which “path” one chooses to browse it.
  • Data on users, such as geographical location, browser, operating system, screen resolution etc.
  • "Goals" and "conversion", i.e. information about actions being taken by the user on a page, e.g. completing contact form, purchasing an item. To be able to keep track of these statistics, you need to take some actions to set up the account. However, it is very useful. Why? It may turn out that most users making a purchase come from a specific website, or look up specific keywords in search engine. Thanks to this data, you will have a greater chance to direct your marketing actions efficiently and accurately, which will translate into ROI.

Analyze and upgrade your activities

Google Analytics provides a wide range of statistical data. But the data itself will not be useful enough if you do not subject it to proper interpretation. Properly processed information can really help us in choosing marketing tools and matching the budget on advertising.
CePixel Google Analytics
The better you understand website users, the more ideas and solutions you will find as to how you can modify the site and marketing actions in order to effectively acquire customers on the web.

Google Analytics and AdWords

Even the most  carefully prepared AdWords campaign will not be effective if after reaching landing page the user will not receive what he expected. So if you decide on AdWords, you should also make use of Analytics. Thanks to it you'll find out if your ads are effective and if the site meets visitors’ expectations. Holding both accounts is not difficult and it can be very beneficial.
Collecting and analysing data using Google Analytics will help you make better decisions on advertising and AdWords. Thanks to the knowledge about users’ activity who visit your website you'll find out which part of the traffic and online sales on your website comes from paid links campaign in the browser.

Advantages of combining your GA account with AdWords

  • obtaining data about the involvement of Google Analytics with AdWords
  • automatic display of information about the clicks and the cost of your AdWords ads along with data on the involvement of users from Analytics
  • creating remarketing lists in Google Analytics to use in AdWords to target ads at the selected group
  • importing AdWords goals and transactions to Google Analytics as a conversion
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