E-mail marketing - an effective way for customer acquisition
4 years ago
When thinking about online promotion most often we mean positioning, paid AdWords campaigns or social media with Facebook on top. For unknown reasons, E-mail Marketing is usually disregarded. This is one of the fundamental mistakes that we should not make if we are serious about attracting customers.
Direct Marketing Association’s research indicates that $1 invested in the newsletter brings more than $44 profit. This is the average result. There are campaigns that tend to bring several times more revenue. Currently e-mail marketing is on the 3rd place as one of the most effective forms of attracting clients - right behind paid links and positioning.

When Facebook gets tough, the newsletter gets going

E-mail marketing is an effective, inexpensive and measurable tool for customer acquisition. Importantly, it operates in a completely different area than eg. social media. Newsletters are proving to be more efficient for customers who are not easily influenced by Facebook or other social networking sites.
In order to effectively maximize conversion, you might want to combine mailing advertising with other tools for online promotion, eg. social media and Google AdWords.

Why send your query to potential clients?

  • Inbox is taken very personally. Most people immediately after coming to work check their email.
  • Newsletter allows to take into account the full message addressed to the client, including photos, links, texts.
  • Mailing is a long-term method. Thus, it appears significantly more effective than, for example posts on Facebook, which after a few minutes is overshadowed by a series of other ones, plus the message goes to a limited audience.
  • The most important advantage of email marketing is measurability and reporting. Without problems you acquire and analyze data such as openings measurability, clicks measurability, extracts index, returns index.
  • Your message can be easily personalized, increasing the chances of a direct reach to the customer. Thanks to modern segmentation tools client receives the exact content of the message at the right time.
Social media are great at PR activities. But for sales purposes best and still irreplacable turn out to be forms of advertising such as Adwords, SEO and E-mail Marketing. 

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