Does your company need a website?
5 years ago
Internet has now 2.9 billion active users. When we think of it as a 'real' reality, you should imagine that every day 2.9 billion people pass your shop who at any time may enter it or not. These are your potential customers who can shop right at your place. What do you do to encourage them to come in?
Here are 5 reasons why your company needs a website

1. Increased visibility:

Nowadays most people looking for a variety of information, e.g. about companies, services or products, use Internet. If a potential client is looking for a company on the internet and can not find it, he is more likely to find a competitor who will offer him the service instead of you.
Website is a fundamental flagship of a company, brand or product. It is designed to meet the needs of customers looking for essential information. This way, user can collect necessary data without leaving home.

2. Increased recognition of the company

Today company's presence on the Internet is no longer a sign of modernity because it is almost a necessity. But only professionally designed website can convince potential customers that the company is professional and trustworthy. Website serves to increase the credibility and reputation of the company.

3. Expanding database

Users visit your website for a reason. They should be able to find what they look for. The main objective of a professionally designed website is to keep the user on the service as long as possible and encourage him to re-visit.
Website could be an ideal tool for collecting data from potential customers, eg. via contact forms, newsletter signup, surveys, etc. This allows to contact them later in the future, eg. via e-mail. The collected data can also be the subject for further analysis carried out in order to target products or services.

4. Direct proximity with the client

Thanks to a website you can be closer to your customers! This is the exact place where information about the company, products or services, news and promotions are published. Thus, you can regularly offer your customers something new and show them you don't forget them!

5. Increase in Sales

Increase in sales in this case is the result of all above points. Thoughtful and effective actions taken towards creating a website, and further its promotion may have a direct impact on sales results in your company.

What else is important?

Access to service suppliers who offer prices disproportional to market standards, is definitely tempting. Unfortunately, it often turns out that such services are provided in an amateur way by people with little experience. Soon it comes out that the business website is incomplete, useless, full of errors that make it hard to use it. You will have to make a number of corrections or design a page from scratch, so in the end you will pay twice!
Creating a professional and effective website for your business requires time, effort and thought. But if the service is well-prepared, you can expect a return of investment.
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