Changes in Google: Mobile Pages better evaluated by the algorithms
4 years ago
On April 21st, Google made a few changes to their algorithms that are associated with the use of search engines on mobile devices. The mobile nature of the site will be an important factor in the ranking of your website in search results.
Internet users should receive the most relevant and up to date search results, no matter if they make use of desktops, tablets or smartphones. Google has decided to adjust their algorithms to people’s’ expectations as more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web. Thanks to that, Google search engine will become even more user-friendly. It also means that some changes in the design of websites will be introduced.
The change will affect mobile searching around the world, in all languages. It will have a considerable impact on the ranking of web pages in search results. The aim is to ensure that users get the best quality of search results, optimized with the devices on which they surf the net.

Is my website Mobile-Friendly?

If you want to find out if your website is consistent with mobile devices, that is if it will be well ‘evaluated’ by Google algorithms, just do a Mobile Friendly-Test. No need to worry if such a notice pops up after the test:
Friendly website
If your website doesn’t pass the test, Google will let you know what you need to correct:
For more information about mobile-friendly websites you can check out Guide to Mobile-Friendly Sites by Google. 
If you have a website and you are its webmaster, you can create an account on Webmaster Tools where you can find Mobile Usability Report, that is the whole set of problems with mobile usability of your site.

In practice, what does it change?

Algorithms which analyse websites for mobile usability can lead to serious changes. New algorithm makes websites without mobile version disappear from mobile search results. Even a high position thanks to your investment in SEO will not even matter.

What does it mean? You will lose clients who use search engines on mobile devices. If we take into consideration the fact that every second person has a smartphone and most people make use of mobile devices to surf the net, the situation is getting quite serious. It’s high time to think of improving your website. If you can’t or don’t want to decide on a responsive website, just make a solid mobile version.
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