6 interesting trends in Web Design
3 years ago
Trends in web design change every year. There are no longer any fixed standards in web design. What once seemed unusual is now regarded as standard. One thing remained unchanged: creativity must always go hand in hand with functionality.
Here are some interesting solutions, which are more often being used by designers. They are Interesting in terms of aesthetics, while being useful.

Ghost Buttons

It is one of the most frequently used solutions. This style is associated with a flat UI design, where the button refers to the background seemingly having two-dimensional appearance. Frequently transparent, blank background is surrounded by a colourful, thin frame. It lights up when you click or hover the cursor over the desired button.

Ghost Buttons are ideal for flat and minimalist arrangements. They can be used in combination with other design techniques of modern websites.

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List of icons

Startups, mobile apps and creative agencies present their capabilities very often through the list of icons. Small icons in a very vivid and symbolic way show the range of services offered or characteristics of a particular company or product.
This trend does not have an official name. They are most often lines of icons, sometimes supplemented by short text. In the list of icons the most important is good organization, especially if there are many of them.
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Grid-Based Layouts

It is difficult to say when this way of organising content on the site became popular, but it is certainly more and more often being chosen by designers. Grid-based layouts have always played an important role in creating websites, but were not always so evident in the final outcome.

The project based on a grid layout works well when the page is rich in content. Websites, such as online magazines, blogs, social networking sites, photo galleries very often use this solution for organising content.

The functionality of this system is well used by the Pinterest service. Grid layouts are not aligned perfectly, create rather disorganised pattern. The asymmetry works well here and became a kind of showcase of this portal.
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Responsive Websites

Responsive Pages are no longer just a new trend in designing websites, but actually a standard. The number of people surfing the websites on their mobiles are gradually increasing. RWD is a guarantee that our site will save its useful and aesthetic qualities regardless of the type of device you use, and at the same time it will appear in Google mobile search results.

More about RWD you can find on What you need to know about Responsive Websites?

Large, visually appealing background (pictures and video)

A big hit in web design are big, beautiful images or video materials forming background of the page. This is the easiest way to make your site stand out and be remembered by the user.
Graphics in the role of background should be well-adjusted to the specifics of the page and other elements in your site, and at the same time stand out thanks to its excellent quality. In the case of this solution, minimalism most often dominates in the layout of individual elements. Frequently, there is only a modest menu on the home page referring to other tabs.
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Divided page

Many sites created in recent times have vertically "divided screen" into two very distinct parts, usually the same size. In addition to aesthetic qualities such solution has also its functional application:

  • It indicates the two most important features
  • It expresses the idea of duality

In the first case, page division is justified when a company promoting a product or service indicates two important features or options. Dividing a page into two, same size columns may be the best way to show two different aspects of the same solution, e.g. a producer targetting his products to retail customers as well as to distributors.

The second reason for which the screen is split, may be to show a valid duality, eg. when we want to emphasize that the company is distinguished by both modern technical facilities as well as experienced and professional staff.

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Traditional solutions in Web design are more and more often giving way to unusual ideas. An original website can not only surprise the user, but also be unforgettable.


Trends and news in design are inspiration for designers, but when creating a site for a particular company you should focus primarily on its needs, specifics and expectations of the target group. That which has been optimised for one brand will not necessarily be good for another. The purpose of webdesigner is to select and combine the best solutions.

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