5 steps to better Conversion on Mobile Websites
3 years ago
The average time of browsing the net on mobile devices is extending. It used to be one hour a day, now it’s about 3 hours. These growing tendencies lead to successive optimization of websites when it comes to mobile search, simultaneously increasing conversion rate. 
Here are 5 easy changes which you can apply on your mobile website to effectively increase conversion rate:

1. Important elements in visible places

The most basic obstacle on many mobile pages is the need to “scroll” the site to reach relevant information, e.g. contact info. Essential elements (e.g. forms) should always be placed in the most visible place, usually at the top of the website.

2. Improving purchasing process

Mobile customers want to make transactions fast, easy and safe. Purchasing process should be as easy as possible. The less steps to finalising the transaction the more probability for the user to finish the transaction.

Forms on mobile websites should be adjusted to the needs and abilities of the user, i.a. choosing the right font sixe creating more space for writing data and visible buttons that confirm each step of the transaction/registration. 

3. Information about location

Displays on mobile devices are generated i.a. on the basis of user’s location. By adding information about local company in Google you increase your chances for better visibility in search engine. At the same time, it will be of great convenience for users to find where the company of their interest is located.

4. Encouraging quick actions

Mobile customers, interested in your company’s services/products, often want to call NOW, write an email, make a reservation or purchase etc. They usually visit your website for a certain action. That’s why the strategic Call to Action place should be big enough and stand out so that the user could reach it instantly.

You can also reward your clients who take quick actions on the website, e.g. by offering them a 10% discount if they make a purchase in the next 15 minutes.

5. Improve the speed of the site

Last but not least - speed of mobile website. Mobile users usually don’t have time, not even patience for slowly loading page or other strategic element of the service. Check if your website works properly speedwise. 
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