15 most common mistakes on websites
4 years ago
We can't really say that each website was prepared professionally. Not every site is so easy for us to use. There are pages which we evaluate negatively and quickly run away from. What to do to make your website different?

You will find out:

  • What are the most common mistakes made on company's websites?
  • How to avoid mistakes that affect company's image?
  • What to do and what to avoid when designing a professional website for your business?
Unprofessional website full of shortcomings that prevent easy viewing has a negative effect on the perception and evaluation of the entire company. Business website should be a flagship on the internet. It must convey most important information in an easy and attractive way and simultaneously ensure quick and easy contact with company's representative or to make a purchase, etc.

What to avoid so as not to 'scare off' potential customers?

1. Inappropriate web address. Easily recognizable address is essential! It should be simple, easy to write, memorize and repeat. The best solution for company's websites is www.COMPANYNAME.pl.

2. INTRO. In most cases, it is more annoying than interesting. It is better to avoid this 'convenience' for a simple reason: the fewer steps, the faster your potential customers familiarize with the offer of your company.

3. Problems with page loading. There is nothing worse than a slow loading page. For a page to load just optimize pictures. Compression will reduce the extension of photos and graphics but won't affect their quality.

4. Pages with Flash animations. They load very slowly and irritate users. If you really need to use them, give the opportunity to skip the animation.
5. Music in the background. Nobody likes it but you can come across such pages. If, for some reason, you need to use music, give users the ability to turn it off.

6. Page not suitable for different browsers. Not every page will display properly in every browser. The only help is a good programmer, who will know how to deal with the problem.
7. No search engine. This issue is concerned primarily with pages on which there is a lot of content. If your site is filled with a variety of information, you should make it easier for users to find them.
8. Wrong resolution. Currently, in most cases the used resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.
9. Wrong choice of colours. Colours not matching each other, not corresponding to specifics of the company or industry, wrong shades of text in relation to the background these are only 3 of an unlimited number of mistakes that can be made in this case. Colours should be user-friendly but also reflect the nature and seriousness of the company.
10. Too many different fonts. Many different fonts used on the website or even in a single text makes the content completely unreadable .
11. Complicated navigation. Proper website navigation is key! Users will not be wondering where exactly they use or how to find the necessary information. If you force them to think intensively, they will find another page with easier navigation.
12. Poor images quality. Sometimes you can convey more with one good picture than a thousand words can express. Provided that it is of good quality.
13. Spelling errors. They are a sign of carelessness and reveal basic education gaps, but above all indicate a complete lack of professionalism. They should be avoided like poor quality images!
14. Outdated or false information. If your customer finds outdated phone number and will try to call, he may feel disappointed and will lose trust for the company. And you will lose your customer! All important information connected with contact and address should be updated.
15. Inactive links. Everything that is on your website should work without problems. Inactive links may not only discourage the user to visit the site, but also deprive you of a chance to draw his attention to your product or service.

What else is important?

  • If there is a contact form on your website, only most important issues or questions should be placed in it. Too many questions may discourage him! Effective form should be quick, easy to fill in and send.
  • Do not use capital letters. Such texts are difficult to read. Besides capital letters on the Internet mean screaming or calling for help.
  • It is not recommended to use drop-down menu on the page. Users should immediately see entire contents, otherwise they may simply not reach many useful information.
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