10 easy ways for higher position in Google
4 years ago
In case of large and smaller, local companies the highest position in the Google search turns out to be most relevant. Having a professional website is very important, but same is with visibility of the network.

You will find out:

  • What will you gain from better visibility of the website on the Internet?
  • What easy ways are there to improve the visibility of a website?
Not only professional services related with website effectively influence a higher place in the browser. You can also take care of a good position on your own and achieve satisfactory results. Find out how to do it in an easy way!

1. User is most important

When preparing a content, you may want to think about what could really attract users and encourage them to revisit. Not only content but also form matters. So make sure the website is clear, easy to read and navigate.

2. Unique contents

This argument is so often repeated that it is almost perceived as a cliché. But it is still one of the main factors determining the position of the page in the browser. Content published on your site can not be located elsewhere on the network. By copying the content you put yourself to danger that Google will automatically reduce the position of the page.

3. Regular Service Update

Google is regularly monitoring the sites, evaluating them uniqueness and content-wise. On gradual position growth regular addition of new information may have an influence, eg. twice a month.

4. Keywords

Develop and use keywords specific to your business. Key words have a positive effect on the position in Google search.

5. Keywords in Graphic Descriptions

Google does not take notice of graphics on websites, but they could also include keywords. It is enough if they have descriptions with the phrase included in the code. This facility is not only for the search robots, but also for people who are blind or visually impaired who use screen readers.

6. Linking from the Home Page

In the content of the main page you can place your most important keywords, which will be linked to pages with information on the subject.

7. Page Structure

A much better solution is to develop a page structure based on subcatalogues rather than subdomains. Instead of subdomain www.sklep.xxx.pl place it as www.xxx.pl/sklep

8. Logical Hierarchy

A clear hierarchy and appropriate text links leading to each of the subpages may also have an influence on results from google search.

9. Sitemap

Clarity of the website depends largely on well prepared sitemap, taking into account the hierarchy and sections of the website. Most important information about the company should be found in the subpages, e.g. 'About Us', 'Offer' or 'Contact'. In this case, it is much better to create other subsites rather than placing all information in one place, forcing the user to scroll the page.

Subpages should be described using meta-tags.

10. External linking

Links to your website published on other services may also affect the position of your site. It is worth using even social networking sites, blogs, forums - of course in a reasonable manner.

What else is important?

  • Do not copy texts that are placed on the site! Only unique content counts - both for users as well as Google robots.
  • It is worth setting up a business account on Google+ and publish links leading to company's website. Google also promotes entries from its network site in search engines.
  • Attractive content is not only about unique texts, but also good quality pictures and interesting videos. Appearance of this type of content can not only influence its position, but above all draw users' attention.
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